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Mix Tech, Data  Science, the power of Brilliant Minds and the result is AddReax. Addreax accelerates growth for its Brand Partners and Ventures (“Clients”) by providing access to its bespoke intelligent marketing technology and the Addreax Ecosystem. A European Martech Company with considerable reach and its head office in London, significantly contributing to the success of world class brand’s online retailing growth through the use of advanced Addreax technology & solutions.

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About Us

We are the Science of Performance & Influence Marketing. The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but Big Data and AddReax know-how to extract the value of it for the benefit of our Partners.

We are a Martech (Marketing Tech) Company with headoffice in London, The Group has Scandinavian DNA & Roots. Key to success is all about Audience Access and Connectivity.

Business today is predominately concerned with Distruption and Innovation. However, the most essential factor to focus on is Audience Connectivity. This vital access is a necessary element for success even if you invented the most incredible Brand/Product.

The Best Brand/Products in the World connot boost revenue if nobody sees it.

Our Services

Disruptive Innovations

Our Ecosystem

Cutting-edge tech for Performance and Influence Marketing

AddReax’s unique Eyeball Ecosystem, not only enables Brand Partners to digitally reach the relevant and chosen Audience, but also unleashes powerful Connectivity with eyeball engagement and the ability to transact with potential end-customers, causing a dramatic increase in Sales and Brand Awareness.

AddReax accelerates growth for its Brand Partners by providing access to the AddReax Ecosystem, offering media exposure, inventive assets and expert Performace Marketing Expertise. Our experienced Campaign Management team works closely with other group controlled MarTech companies and Media Partners to equip our Brand Partners with fast access to the market, through the AddReax Ecosystem appropriately named, « The Go to Market Muscle» (Audience Connectivity).


Get access to our highly engaged Audience and Increase your CR (Conversion Rate) today with our AI based Engine.

Performance Marketing

Take advantage of our highly active Member base on multiple platforms, predominantly App, Web & Social. We can connect people who have very specific interests or passions based on our Addreax AI Engine which analyses end customer behaviour. We do this through SMS, Push Notifications, Banners, Emails, Digital Coupons and many more. We pride ourselves for delivering one of the highest conversion rates in the industry for our Brand Partners.

Email & Content

Our Brand Partners can take advantage of our Product Story-Telling to our Members through email marketing, digital magazines, and other content platforms such as our apps and websites with unique conversion rates.

Surveys & Insights

Leveraging proprietary data from over 3.5 million Generation Z & Millennials, AddReax Surveys and Insights is a Generation Z & M focused market research consultancy. Our deep knowledge of Generation Z & M can provide the insights you need to inform the most innovative and iconic campaigns and help you better attract and engage this attractive audience.

Campaign Management

Our Campaign Managment Advisers work strategically and long-term with our Brand Partners to create a bespoke Campaign Strategy that fits your target audience perfectly for the best possible outcome regarding CR (conversion rate) and ROI.


Our Brand Partners gain the power of our large Generation Z & M audience through intelligently segmented display advertising across desktop, web, app and email.

Technology Licensing

We offer selected clients the opportunity to white lable our unique technology to take advantage of their existing audience using AddReax Solutions, a bespoke system engine which uses AI to analyse the effect of, and reactions to, different forms of direct marketing to various segments of its plugged-in customer databases in order to optimise customer engagement.

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